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The present Shree Jagannath Temple is the mystery of 12th century A.D. This temple is one of the tallest monument in the country. It was built by the king Ananta Barma Chodaganga Dev during 12th century A.D (1135) and was completed by his grandson Ananga Bhima Dev.   Shree Jagannath temple is a ‘Rekha Deula’ with curvilinear tower on a ‘Pancha Ratha’ plan. The height of the temple is 214 feet 8 inch from the ground level and 181 feet from inner base (ANTARVEDI). It stands on an elevated platform of stone measuring about 9.83 acres. The temple is bounded by two enclosures. The inner enclosure is 420' x 315 ' size and known as Kurma Bedha, which made between 1467-1494. The outer enclosure is of 665' x 644' size with the height varying from 20 ' to 24 ' and known as Meghanad Prachir.
  There are four major temples in a row, named ‘Viman’ (The main temple where Lord Jagannath is worshipped with brother Balabhadra, sister Subhadra and Sudarshan), Jagamohan (Audience hall), Natamandap (Dance hall) and the Bhoga Mandap (offering hall). The height of Jagamohan is 120 feet and the base area is 80 feet x 80 feet. The base area of Nata Mandap is 80 feet x 80 feet and the base area of Bhogo Mandap is 58 feet x 56 feet.

The temple has four gates at the Eastern – Lion Gate (Singha Dwara – The main entrance), Southern – Horse Gate, Western – Tiger Gate, and Northern – Tiger Gate at midpoints of the Meghanad Prachir (Outer Wall).
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